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Exclusive Tours

Costa Rica is the country of incredible diversity, fascinating culture and magnificent sights and sounds. At Tangara Tours, we create unforgettable journeys that uncover the cultural highlights and hidden gems throughout the world’s most exotic destination.

Each of our customisable tours is crafted to match your travel style while offering unique opportunities for enjoying adventure, nature, culture and relaxing.

Click on any of our itineraries to get started in creating your unique and unforgettable trip through Costa Rica.

Our tours are private and most possible apart from the crowd. 


The ideal destination for adventurers.


Based on our first-hand local knowledge about Costa Rica travel.


Get off the beaten path and head right into nature.


Each and every tour is carefully crafted just for you to experience the very best that Costa Rica has to offer.

Always something new to discover.


We have collected tourist destinations which gather the fascinating scenery, most fabulous natural experience, eco-tourism and community-based tourism.


Live the charm of the mountain.

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