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Costa Rica: One of the best countries for remote workers

For those who enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle and living in a new country, Costa Rica can be an excellent choice.

It’s safe to say that an unintended workplace revolution has taken place since last year. For a lot of people, there’s no going back now. Remote work as a mainstream fixture is here to stay.

Can the first step to change your life starting with enjoy a holiday trip? Absolutely yes! Check this article out.

If you're a digital nomad, a freelancer, or if you have a startup, Costa Rica might be a very good option to live in with the amenities and the high quality of living. Especially in Guanacaste, you will find hundreds of these types of people who are working remotely for companies in North America, Europe and other locations.

But first lets give a try visiting the country, the life style and conditions have first-hand experience. A lot of current those who are in Costa Rica now just had the idea to be pleased by an unforgettable holiday trip. But after they enjoyed the laid-back and affordable lifestyle, wonderful nature and local culture the idea to come back appears in their minds. More than 41% of the visitor had visited it before. Over 50,000 foreigners currently live in the country as digital nomads, remote workers or expats. The main benefits of working remotely from Costa Rica are:

Affordable cost of living and housing

Environmentally Friendly & Eco-tourism

Awesome Weather: warm weather all year round.

International, expat-friendly population: a large number of expats and remote workers.

Fast internet: you can get your hands on fiber-optic networks.

Diverse nature: beaches, jungle, mountains and wildlife.

Stable politics: Costa Rica is known for its long-standing, stable democracy, and its progressive environmental policies.

New digital nomad visa implemented that allows you to stay for up to 12 months.

Don't hesitate to plan the trip that can change your life. Take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the country of "Pura Vida" from all angles.

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