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Our Experts

Our staff is extremely passionate and we have more than happy to assist you in creating the holiday of a lifetime so you can have the best experiences and unforgettable memories.

With our experience and expertise, we can assist you in planning your dream trip through Costa Rica.

Daydi Chavarria

Captain, Fishing Expert

Hi, my name is Daydi Chavarria (25 years of experience) and I am originally from Sierpe, Costa Rica. My entire life I have been amazed by nature. My passion is to stay into the river and fishing. That's why directed me to get involved with ecotourism, not just trying to enjoy our natural resources, but also teaching the importance and the responsibility that we have in order to take care of the environment that we are leaving to the next generations. 

Eladio Castro

Naturalist Guide

Hi, my name is Eladio Castro I have been working as a tourist guide for approximately 18 years and I am a Naturalist Guide. As a guide, I really like to share my knowledge about what beautiful things Costa Rica has to offer: its history, nature, food, people and much more! I love my job and I enjoy what I do. I want to pass on my knowledge and passion, to create awareness for the environment.

Carlos Jimenez

Diving expert

My name is Carlos Jimenez, and for me, being a tour guide is much more than just a job. I love nature (especially diving) and how environmental awareness can be spread with the help of adventure activities like scuba diving. 

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Leonardo Jimenez

Tourism Asesor

My name is Leonardo and I was born in Chirripo Valley, a small-town with many traditions, which I preserve and like to share with people who visit Costa Rica. I really like nature and particularly bird watching, which I find fascinating. Furthermore, I enjoy the outdoors and of course exploring the mountain. I am very proud of all that Costa Rica has to offers for tourists, such as the natural and cultural resources. My main motivation in life is to show them how beautiful the country is.

Andres Perez

Tourism Promoter

Hi, my name is Andres Perez and I am Tourism Promoter. From the Netherlands, I want to offer you the best service and advisory to your trip become an unforgettable memory I am committed to preserving the environment and its beautiful resources. 

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