Natural wonders of Guanacaste

4 Days / 3 Nights


Take an adventure of a lifetime and explore the natural wonders of Guanacaste. This astonishing trip consists of 4 days/3 nights in Liberia. From there you can visit in an easy way uncover its natural wonders. When you choose our itinerary (incl. Accommodation), you can trust that our guide will manage all the logistics about your stay in the best way. Moreover will be more comfortable to take advantage of time and enjoy:


  • All the transportations (4WD) during your stay

  • The accommodation 4 days/3 nights.

  • The tours here described, the personal guide during your visit

  • Free City tour to Liberia

  • Free Transport and support to find restaurants and grocery shop

This tour can be adapting to your needs and preferences for living the travel experience in the best way.



  • Choose your departure date or extend your stay

  • Adjust activities according to your interests

  • Change the schedule of the events

  • Anything else that you need



  • Visiting hard-to-reach Naranjo's finest beaches and the iconic Witch Rock

  • Wandering through the dry forest and historical highlights of Santa Rosa

  • Lounging on Naranjo's exquisite beaches with a picturesque sunset

  • Walking thru the dry-forest that contains 2% of the worldwide biodiversity in Santa Rosa

  • Visiting Liberia “La Ciudad Blanca” and it's the historical places

  • Hiking along the Rincón de la Vieja surrounded by pristine Rainforest (Caribbean side) and wildlife

  • Getting close to Geothermical activity at the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano (Pailas side)

  • Wandering the charming waterfalls and rivers of blue water coming from the volcano in Rincón de la Vieja and trying its famous hot spring waters.


  • Cottage accommodation

  • Free Transport to restaurants and grocery shop

  • Expert English-speaking local guide

  • Tours as mentioned and 4WD transfer



  • National Park Fees

  • Personal expenses

  • Tourist sites which not mentioned in the itinerary

  • Meals not specified in the tour itinerary


Day 1: Arrive Liberia

Our guide picks you from where you are according to your needs (Airport, Rent a Car, nearest area), or received you in the accommodation. Afterwards by car to our hotel in Liberia.

Day 2: Santa Rosa (Naranjo)


Santa Rosa National Park was site of a historic battle that cemented the country’s national identity (You can see the momument historical La Casona). However, it also owns the unique distinction as being Costa Rica’s first national park and home to one of the most abundant ecosystem on Earth, the tropical dry forest. With our naturalist guide, you will have an excellent opportunity to discover this exotic place differently. On a 4WD car (the only way to get there) creeps along on the road back from the surfer’s paradise, Naranjo Beach, home to the Witch’s Rock; that is, after a beautiful, picturesque sunset.

Nearby mangrove swamps, estuaries, and the flooded forest likewise house crocodiles, land crabs, and numerous water birds.


  • See agoutis, coatis, armadillos, white-tailed deer, spiny iguanas

  • Three species of monkey (the mantled howler, white-faced or capuchin, and spider)

  • Numerous birds (great curassow, trogons, motmots, herons, parrots, hawks, woodpeckers, etc.).

  • Numerous exotic amphibians, reptiles, and insects.

  • If you are fortunate, you may even catch a glimpse of the elusive tapir, anteaters and sloths

  • The probability to see five local cat species (puma, jaguar, margay, ocelot, and jaguarondi)

Estimated Tour Time: 6-8 hours

Day 3: Rincón de la Vieja (Pailas)


Explore the active Rincón de la Vieja Volcano. A tour of the region involves a trek into a “transitional forest”, an intermediate area between the tropical dry and wet forests. During a two to three hour hike, you will have an opportunity to see some of the local wildlife, including monkeys, agoutis, coatis, and many species of birds (hummingbirds, toucans, cuckoos, owls, and birds of prey). The region is also famous for its rich Geothermal activity, which produces such awe-inspiring sights and smells as bubbling mud pots, smoking “fumaroles”, and mini volcanoes. After our hike, you will be treated to a relaxing lunch before our expert guides you to a very exclusive spot where you can swim and re-charge your body, mind, and spirit under a celestial waterfall.

Estimated Tour Time: 6 hours


Afterward, you can enjoy a free City tour Liberia, has been called “La Ciudad Blanca” because of its white adobe houses, white dirt roads and its people who dressed all in white because of the extreme heat. You have the opportunities to buy some souvenirs in this city meanwhile you know the historic places.


Note: This free City tour is included if you choose our accommodation.

Day 4: Rincón de la Vieja (Rain Forest)


Begin to explore the wonders of the Rainforest of Rincon de la Vieja (Caribbean side). Wander through the abundant wildlife with this private tour. You can enjoy bird watching seeing tanagers, toucans, orioles, blackbirds and others. Along the way, you can also see sloths, frogs (blue jeans), butterflies (blue morpho) and caterpillars (all these things into their natural habitats). It is possible to take a bath in soothing hot springs, waterfalls, and rivers of blue water coming from the volcano. Moreover, this tour is far from the tourist crowds and with personalized attention.


Estimated Tour Time: 8 hours.

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