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Chirripo Valley

Chirripo Valley is a tourist destination made up of different communities in the Pacific Chirripo area, where the country area and rural life of these communities stand out. Being located in a strategic position (the entrance to the National Park), these communities have developed services, activities and tourist attractions for the enjoyment of the visitor. You can find hotels, restaurants, sustainable farm, art galleries, trails, gardens, nature reserves, beautiful rivers and spectacular environments.

Here you can find adventure tourism and ecotourism as well. Furthermore, know about privilege natural legacy and cultural trough Rural Community Tourism. Community-based tourism enables the tourist to discover local habitats and wildlife and celebrates and respects traditional cultures, rituals and wisdom. The community will be aware of the commercial and social value placed on their natural and cultural heritage through tourism, and this will foster community-based conservation of these resources.

Protected by the highest peak in Costa Rica, discover the charm and authentic vibes of the Chirripo Valley.

Recommended Itineraries

Bird Watching in Chirripo Valley

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Eco-tourism Hiking in Trail of Giants

 Experience the lush landscapes and rural village of Chirripo Valley on this 4 Days / 3 Nights trip 

Tours on Chirripo Valley


Walk to the top of the giants

Magnificent paths bordering the San José River, through a varied natural exhibition, waterfalls and backwaters full of tranquillity to reach a magnificent view of the Valley...


Observation routes in different types of nearby forests.

With a specialized local guide, you will be able to observe among the 250 different species, like the Quetzal. Our specialised guides propose you between four amazing routes.


Nature Reserve

Private nature reserve, cattle pasture or cultivated land has been dedicated to the conservation and reforestation of the cloudforest. Education, research and teaching are the importance of this unique habitat for wildlife...

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Find the perfect corner for your relaxation.

Relax in these warm waters with approximately 37 ° C. Surrounded by tropical trees and plants ...


Secret place to find beautiful plants

It contains an admirable variety of plants (bromeliads, orchids and great diversity of heliconias as well). When walking its accessible trails, more than 1 km in length, accompanied by the flutter of birds.


Swiss cheeses in Costa Rica?

Learn how the special flavour and texture of ripe cheese elaborated in Costa Rica arises, following the process of Swiss cheeses with a Resources Management and Environmentally-Balanced Production Enhancement...

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Traveler's Testimonial


Hiking in Cloudbridge Reserve is very beautiful. Lots of waterfalls, amazing forest, lots of wildlife. We even saw a Quetzal! We highly recommend a visit!

Veronika H - Vienna, Austria

About: Hiking in Cloudbridge Reserve

The two gardens are very nice places and people have a very delicious food service. The place of lodging is pleasant with exquisite food. Anyway, everything was well organized and I hope to be able to do another restful trip again.

Arguedas Marce - Costa Rica

About: Visit Chirripo Valley

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